Professional Solutions for Home Owners

When it comes to repairing or refreshing your home, the best product and support should come from the brand trusted by engineers & trades people around the world. Sika Australia has a long history of innovation and quality that is trusted the world over when it comes to building homes, offices, roads, tunnels, stadiums, airports, mining, car parks, transportation and much more. When our trade customers need something to waterproof, repair, concrete, tile, build, protect or to renovate, they rely on Sika's trusted products to ensure that every project is designed to last the test of time.  Sika's range of products are available in hardware stores and specialty dealers around Australia and are engineered to ensure any task you have around the home or on your project is done quickly, efficiently and safely. Whether you are building new or renovating or simply looking to refresh and protect your home, Sika will have the solution.