This segment provides specialty solutions for tile installation materials, facade protection and decoration, and technical mortars for the construction industry, from individual housing and building projects to industrial infrastructure. Tile installation materials comprise of primers, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, grouts, and sealants for both new build and renovation projects.

Facade protection and decoration services the requirements of architectural projects by providing cement and lime plasters to textured and aggregated finishes and coatings for residential and commercial low and high-rise projects. Technical mortars provide specialized products for surface protection, concrete repair and protection, structural grout, and waterproofing membranes to building and civil engineering sites.


SikaTile® is an innovative tile and stone installation product range that meets the unique challenges and performance requirements of installers. From an efflorescence inhibiting primer with Crystalline Technology to a fibre reinforced membrane for superior strength to a safer 0% Crystalline Silica dry mix adhesives formulated with Dustless® Technology or Lightweight Glass Technology for an easy handling and workability, and finish with colour perfect grout to ensure your tiling system is Sika® Secure. 


Davco’s patented, award-winning Dust Less® Technology is at the core of our sustainability initiatives. Launched in 2006, Dustless® Technology creates 80% less airborne dust than traditional tile adhesives and is specifically formulated for improved air quality, better working conditions, less mess, and faster clean-up. Dustless® Technology can reduce product and financial losses from dust emissions but most importantly, it creates a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for our factory employees and our customers.


The Schonox iFix adhesive and AB waterproofing system is a globally proven under tile waterproofing system with un-matched productivity and performance. Unlike typical premixed membranes that are totally reliant of the contractor applying at the correct thickness, a Schonox® system takes away the guesswork with a guaranteed film thickness with tiling being able to commence after ½ hour after the application has been installed. Its is also suitable for pools spas and sauna applications.