Our Davco range offers flexible, colour consistent, premium performance grouts with efflorescence, stain, mould and bacteria resistant properties.


There are two main types of grout – cement based and epoxy based. Cement based grout can be found in sanded and non-sanded varieties, in powder or pre-mixed form, with sanded grout being used for larger joints over 3mm. Epoxy based grout is highly water and chemical resistant. Epoxy based grouts are very effective for tiles in commercial applications requiring a high degree of water and stain resistance.

We have grouts suitable for joints up to 12mm wide and for interior and exterior applications as well as swimming pools and wet areas.

Grout Care

We also have a range of grout and tile cleaners and sealers provide quick and effective ways to finish and protect your tiling project. Tile and grout cleaners can be used to remove hard-to-shift grout haze left over from the tiling process. They are designed to clean tough dirt and stains, including minor efflorescence, from tiles and grout joints. They also help remove mould and mildew. Tile and grout cleaners are suitable for use on almost all types of tiles as well as concrete, stone, masonry and brick surfaces.




Tile and grout sealers help guard tiles and grout from the build-up of dirt and grease. Tile and grout sealers form a clear barrier against stains, soiling, discolouration and efflorescence. Easy to apply they can be used over most unglazed porous ceramic tiles and won’t discolour tiles or grout.


Grout Calculator

Grout Calculator







Calculator Product Disclaimer:It is recommend to add 10-15% more material to allow for wastage factor.

Rejuvenation Grout 
Coverage calculation is based on a 1.5 joint depth.

Slate & Quarry Grout
Only available in 20kg bag. 

SikaCeram-690 Elite Grout
Only available in 5kg bag. 

Davco Easy Grout
Packaging size in litres.