Grouting mortars are free-flowing, high strength cement or synthetic resin-based mortars, used for filling of voids under machines and other structural elements as well as for the grouting of anchors. Sika can provide all technologies of grouting materials for a specific application on job sites.


The SikaGrout®-3000 series is a new portfolio of cementitious grouts specially developed for the on- and offshore wind energy industry. These high-performance mortars are an important part of the wind tower structural design as they can be used to fill voids and transfer extreme loads and forces.

Solutions for Urban Areas

Sika is your source of repair and construction solutions for roads, streets, landscaping and urban projects. Click the image below to learn more about where Sika can solve your needs.

1. Manhole & Utility Box Covers

Manhole and utility box covers are the passage to a whole substructure in cities that includes energy, sanitation, water and communication infrastructure. It is not uncommon that these covers are placed underneath trafficable areas - in which case high dynamic loads can lead to fracture and unsafe roads. To avoid traffic jams, Sika offers fast solutions that can be placed in between different materials, cope well with the surrounding asphalt and are suitable for cold temperatures.

Sika Solutions

Sika® FastFix-136 Road Fast-setting bedding mortar

Sika® FastFix-138 Fast-setting bedding mortar

Sikadur®-32 Mortar

Applicators specializing in manhole or utility box cover repair often also have to repair the inside of manholes. See Sika's sewage and waste water treatment plant solutions.

Cementitious Grouting with Sika FastFix

2. Streetscape Pavement (Trafficable)

Today, streetscape pavement for light and heavy traffic is often used as an architectural expression within urban landscapes. With increased traffic load and longer life expectancy, a new approach was required for materials and system build-ups. That’s why Sika has designed a complete range of mortars and products dedicated to the installation of paving stones on roads. This offer complies with numerous standards in force (such as NF, UNI, etc.) and is based on a bonded system of laying mortars, jointing mortars, and auxiliary products for transition zones. Example applications include expansion, movement and splitting joints and the installation of urban furniture.

Sika Solutions

Sika® FastFix-134 Fast-setting bedding mortar

Sika® FastFix-133 Color ​Jointing mortar 

Sika® FastFix-135 Color Jointing mortar  

Sikaflex®-406 KC Elastic compressible polyurethane sealant

Sikadur®-31 Mortar for bonding of curbs or urban furniture

Sika Latex® Adhesive agent for cementitious bonding

Illustration of broom application of Sika® FastFix mortar on cobblestone street

3. Landscape Pavement (Non-trafficable)

The build-up of pavement for landscaped, non-trafficable areas differs from zones with vehicular traffic, in that a bigger variety of paving stones can be laid on gravel and sand in an unbound system. Vibrating plates are required to compact the system. The application is easy and cost-effective. For long term durability and aesthetic design, special consideration needs to be taken on the paving stone joints to resist against vegetation, material wash out, point loads (e.g. high heels) and other impacts.

Sika Solutions

Sika® FastFix-132 PaveFix Moisture-hardening jointing mortar

Sika® FastFix-131 Dry-applied jointing mortar

Sikagard®-790 Water and oil repellent to protect porous substrates

Cementitious Grouting of pavement with Sika FastFix

4. Rail Fixing

Transport systems have changed in our modern world. In the city center for example, we have new tramway lines which have to be well adapted to traffic constraints as well as interconnected crossroads that require perfect management of various foundation types (e.g. asphalt, concrete, bitumen and steel rail).

Sika has developed a specific range of products to be poured between and underneath the rail and bitumen, paving stones or concrete roads, which can also reduce noise and vibrations caused by trams.

Sika Solutions

Sika Icosit® KC with Sikaflex®-406 KC Elastic polyurethane sealant system

Illustration of tram track rail fixing at landscaped area

5. Movement Joint Sealing

Movement or expansion joints in pavement are typically placed at intervals around 5 meters by 5 meters. They are used in trafficable areas for vehicular traffic, for train or tram rails or for material or zone transitions (connection to houses, manholes, etc.). These joints must often be sealed to protect against moisture build up and freeze-thaw impacts, while allowing for movement.

Sika Solutions

Sikaflex®-406 KC Elastic joint sealant with optional accelerator
Sikaflex® PRO-3 Thixotropic elastic joint sealant
Sikaflex® PRO-3 SL Self-leveling elastic joint sealant

Sealing connection joints between concrete and concrete

6. Street Furniture, Pole & Signage Fixing

Road and rail infrastructure requires the fixation of poles for power, lights and traffic signs, stops for public transport, bicycle stands and other elements. Recreational zones and green spaces require benches as well as bollards or fences to delimit areas. Billboards are fixed for commercial reasons, and water connections like hydrants for safety reasons or hot weather. All these elements fall under the category of urban furniture. Sika is able to offer a range of products and mortars suitable for the rapid, durable sealing of many such installations.

Sika Solutions

SikaGrout®-315 Fast Rapid-setting grout

Sika® FastFix-136 Road Fast-setting bedding

Sikadur®-31 Mortar for bonding of poles, signs, fixtures or urban furniture

Sikagrout applied by cementitious grouting for fixing benches and arches on the pavement.

7. Anti-Graffiti Coating

Less asphalt in the cities, beautiful clean spaces, highlighting of magnificent buildings - in a few words, this is the increasing desire of people living in cities to return to natural beauty.

To preserve the appearance of these different urban elements and protect them from vandalism, graffiti or unsolicited advertisements (e.g. fly posters), Sika has developed a permanent, anti-graffiti coating system. It is particularly effective, easy to clean and respectful of the environment - graffiti removal requires only water. No more costly or unsightly restoration work on magnificent monuments, subways and building facades. Watch the video below.  

Sika Solutions

Sikagard®-850 Clear Anti-graffiti coating

Sikagard®-850 Primer, Sikagard®-850 Activator Anti-graffiti primers

Concrete protection with Sikagard elastic protective coating

8. Bridge Deck Expansion Joint

A bridge deck needs to be decoupled from the connecting road and columns to allow for thermal expansion and contraction, seismic movement, dynamic loads and other movements of the bridge. This is done by constructing a bridge deck expansion joint.

Such joints often must also prevent de-icing chemicals or other corrosives from penetrating into the substructure. They are highly exposed and are one of the first components that can fail on a bridge, possibly leading to dangerous traffic accidents and long traffic jams. Thus, an early and fast repair for expansion joints is critical for an improved urban area experience.

Sika Solutions

Using Sika® FastFix-138 TT for bridge deck expansion joint repair allows for a fast return to service (within a few hours) and for easy application even at low temperatures.

To reduce high maintenance cost, implementation of a durable solution like the EMSEAL bridge expansion joint system (BEJS) is recommended for new construction.

Another Sika product, Sikasil®-728 SL, is designed to seal saw cut and expansion joints in pavement not only on bridges, but also on highways, airports, garage driveways and car park top decks.

Illustration of bridge deck expansion joint at pavement with car driving over