Sika believes in the competence and the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees. Sika fosters trustful and respectful working relationships and doesn’t exercise authority in purely formal ways. Sika's employees enjoy working in close partnership with each other and with the customers, suppliers and stakeholders.  The working climate is one of aspiration and inspiration. Sika empowers its people to develop and propose new ideas. Sika delegates decisions and responsibilities to the level of competence.  Sika aims to implement the organisational units as decentralised as possible and to establishes flat organisations with broad spans of control. Training and development of employees is given high priority. Sika aims to develop its leaders for tomorrow and focuses on internal candidates for promotions.  


Our Values & Principles

The Sika Spirit is a synonym of the strong set of values and principles which makes up the DNA of the company. Five management principles express the corporate culture and are the foundation of future success:

  1. Customer First
  2. Courage for Innovation
  3. Sustainability & Integrity
  4. Empowerment & Respect
  5. Manage for Results

Sika Australia

55 Elizabeth Street
Wetherill Park NSW 2164