Sika is considered to be the industry leader in concrete repair and protection. Many years of research and development plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and others. Sika provides a full range of pure cement-based products, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy-based repair materials for different repair works and specific requirements.

Main cause of concrete deterioration and benefits of restoring

Chemical degradation e.g. chemical exposure, alkali aggregate reactions, bacterial action

Corrosion of the reinforcement steel e.g. carbonation, chlorides, stray electrical current

Physical damage e.g. freeze/thaw action, thermal movements, shrinkage, abrasion, wear

Underlying contributors e.g. poor construction, design faults, lack of maintenance

Mechanical attack e.g. impact, overloading, movement, earthquake, explosion


Replace defective concrete

Restore structural integrity

Restore aesthetic appearance

Restore geometric appearance

Restore durability


Sika offers all types of products for concrete repair

Prolonging the life of concrete buildings and infrastructure through repair and renovation assists in providing a sustainable solution to building. Identifying the root cause of the concrete failure then choosing a suitable rehabilitation strategy to avoid demolition and reconstruction can significantly improve overall performance of a building structure. Sika has a wide portfolio of products and systems to solve many concrete repair needs.

1. Reinforcement corrosion protection and bonding primer

The use of corrosion protection and bonding primers is often used to bond concrete repair mortars to existing cementitious or steel substrates for an additional layer of protection to reinforced steel, particularly for areas of low concrete cover and where chlorides are present. Exposed reinforcement steel bars should be properly prepared and protected with anti-corrosion slurry to boost the repair process.

Key advantages:

  • Prevents further corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • Promotes adhesion of the repair mortar on demanding substrates
2. Repair mortars

Concrete repair mortars are designed to repair and restore concrete defects and structural integrity to increase durability and extend the structure’s longevity. Sika concrete repair mortars are suitable for restoration work, repair of spalling and damaged concrete in all types of structures including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and super-structures.

Key advantages:    

  • Repairs concrete defects
  • Restores structural integrity and durability
  • Improves structure appearance
  • Restores or replaces the original profile and function of the damaged concrete  
3. Smoothing mortars and pore sealers

Sika pore fillers and levelling mortars is designed to repair minor defects such as repairing surface pores and honeycombed concrete. These Fillers and levelling mortars are used to fill surface pores to restore durability, aesthetic and geometric appearance.

Key advantages:

  • Restores durability and aesthetics of structure
  • Provides a secure surface for overcoating   
4. Concrete protection

Steel reinforcement corrosion in concrete is often caused by carbonation or chloride ingress with water. Evaluating the root cause of steel corrosion helps determine an effective repair and protection strategy. Sika’s full range of products to prevent any additional corrosion of steel reinforcement by appropriately protecting the concrete around it. Our corrosion management systems provide flexibility to select the most suitable solution for your projects’ needs.

Key advantages:

  • Prevent ingress of water-dissolved contaminants
  • Protect and prevent corrosion of steel bars in concrete
  • Anti-carbonation or chemical resistance protection
  • Long-term performance and durability   

Concrete repair and protection products