Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance and Repair

Sika is considered to be the industry leader concrete repair and protection. Many years of research and development plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and others.

Primers and Bonding

Concrete protection also means protecting the embedded steel bars from corrosion. This is doen by applying a protective layer on the reinforcing steel, by using corrosion inhibitors or by cathodic protection (by galvanic anode or by an induced current).

Concrete Repair

Sika provide a full range of pure cement based products, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy based repair materials for different repair works and specific requirements.

Epoxy Repair

An important use of epoxy resin based repair products is in the bonding and sealing of large scale concrete.

Concrete Protection

Sacrificial Galvanic Anodes

Crack Repair and Injection