Chatswood, Sydney

Project Background

Following the discovery of large cracks in the concrete slabs a dual use commercial and retail complex in Chatswood was deemed to have structural strengthening issues in the multilevel carpark.

Project Requirement

  • An Engineering report was completed and recommended significant structural strengthening  was required to 2 levels in the carpark.
  • The carpark slabs were to be strengthened around the pillars using a unique combination of Carbon fibre laminate and Carbon Rods.
  • Once completed the repairs needed to be able to withstand high volume heavy vehicle traffic from both the residential tenants and commercial customers.

Sika Solution

  • The Sika Carbodur rods were laid in the direction of the steel across the slabs whilst the Sikacarbodur S1012 Laminate was laid above the rods
  • An Epoxy repair product Sikadur 31/41 was laid over the top of the repairs and to protect the Sikacarbodur and was sand seeded to an ant slip and abrasive resistant surface for the vehicle traffic
Project Size

392mts of SikaCarbodur S1012

112mts of SikaCarbodur BC16

350kgs of Sikadur 30

150kgs of Sikadur 31/41

Sika Representative / Project Manager
Craig Adams
Date of Project 16 March 2020
Location Glebe Island
Sika Customer / Contractor Andersal Engineering