Collaroy, Sydney

Project Background

A unit complex is Collaroy was having issues with concrete spalling and waterproofing on the balconies and some units the problem had spread internally. Magnesite was as usual the culprit and had caused extensive damage.

Project Requirements

  • A Consulting Engineering report was completed and recommended significant repairs to most of the balconies and
    some of the units which had suffered from Concrete Spalling due to the Magnesite.
  • Following on from the spalling repairs all the units and balxconies required waterproofing to ensure the minimisation of further problems in the future

Sika Solution

  • SikaMonotop 412NFG was specified as the concrete repair mortar.
  • Sika Monotop 910N was specified as the corrosion inhibitor for the steel reinforcement and as a primer for the 412NFG.
  • Moisture Seal 2k was used as the primer and Sikatite Undertile as the waterproofing membrane.

Project Size

Project Size

4500lts of SikaMonotop 412  

100kgs of SikaMonotop 910N

240 litres of Moisture seal 2k

225 litres of Sikatite Undertile                                       

Sika Representative / Project Manager Craig Adams
Date June 2020
Location Collaroy, NSW

Sika Products Used