Oulu, Finland

The staff at Oulu City Hall moved into a new residence during the renovation of City Hall. There was previously a linoleum floor that had to be removed as soon as possible before the arrival of the staff. The floors of the canteen and break rooms were coated with a new patterned method, giving the floor a completely refreshed and new look.

Project Requirements

The schedule was tight, so the natural choice was a polyurethane coating which is quick to install. Sika ComfortFloor® can also encapsulate contaminants, so any VOC emissions were eliminated during the installation. The choice of product was also influenced by the good experience of the client with a previous Sikafloor® system.

Now with the Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX it was possible to create the desired pattern. A trial project was conducted in the canteen and break rooms and the floor has been successful and well received by visiting architects.

Sika Solutions

Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX was the ideal solution to provide an easycare and comfortable floor covering. The floor was sanded and levelled with Casco Floor Expert SP-X, a self-levelling floor screed.

Priming was done with Sikafloor®-156: after which the elastomeric Sikafloor®-3000 FX was applied to the floor surface. After the coating had cured, Sikafloor®-304 W was applied. This is a UV-resistant, non-yellowing, matt surface finish.

Products Used

Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX
Casco Floor Expert SP-X
Sikafloor®-3000 FX
Sikafloor®-304 W

Note: Not all products are available in Sika Australia. Please contact your local technical sales representative for availabilities.

Project Participants

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Sika Organization
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