1 Denison, North Sydney

Project overview:

One Denison Street, North Sydney is a 37-level commercial office tower and is the largest and tallest building within the North Sydney CBD.  Its Iconic design has attracted high profile tenants such as Microsoft who sought large design changes to the recently completed structure and requested the installation of a central staircase system over its entire office floor space of seven levels. The fit out also involved the removal of several internal structural walls to create an ultra-modern open floor plan.

Project Requirements:

  • Installation of the stairs required cutting of a 10x10mt hole in the existing 300mm slab over seven floors in total.
  • To ensure the structural integrity was maintained a combination of steel beams and S1214 Carbon Fibre laminate strips were required to be laid around each penetration of the slab
  • Where the internal walls had been removed S1214 Carbon Fibre laminate strips were required to be laid onto floor to provide additional structural strengthening
  • Upon inspection it was found that the substrate had suffered hairline cracking across the majority of the slabs due to plastic shrinkage from inadequate placement techniques and required an Epoxy repair mortar to reinstate the structural design intent of the concrete slabs.

Sika Solution:

  • Sika Carbodur S1214 was specified as the Carbon Fibre for the structural strengthening
  • Sikadur 30 was specified as the Epoxy adhesive for the Carbodur S1214
  • Sika Armatec 110 Epocem was specified as the corrosion inhibitor for the steel reinforcement and as a primer for the 412NFG & 436
  • Sikadur 55SLV was specified as the Epoxy Repair Mortar
Sika Representative / Project Manager
Craig Adams
Date January, 2021
Location North Sydney, NSW
Sika Cutomer / Contractor

Products used

  • Sika Carbodur Monotop 412NFG
  • Sika Monotop 436N
  • Sika Armatec Epocem 110