Working on your next flooring masterpiece? From applications in sunrooms to stadiums, our products deliver the standards demanded by professionals because they work as hard as you do to achieve the best results. Pack these three products besides Sikaflex® Pro to every job to make sure you are well-equipped for most situations.


Why Timber Floors?

  • Solid timber floors that have been sanded, sealed and polished give a room an atmosphere of warmth, rich colour and luxury.
  • Timber floors are hard wearing, easy to clean and can usually last a life time without much trouble.
  • Floorboards are available in dressed softwood and hardwood varieties, selected for their hard wearing qualities.
  • In choosing a timber floor, it really comes down to the timber colour and grain that pleases the individual the most.
  • Combined with modern design, timber flooring creates an elegant ambience and offers timeless quality

Why SikaBond® Timber Flooring Adhesives?

Sika is the largest supplier of moisture cure polyurethane flooring adhesives in Australia, under the market leading and industry trusted brand name

Traditionally, timber floors have been mechanically installed with nails, or installed with rigid adhesives. Elastic adhesive is now the expected fastening system, preventing issues such as:

  • Splitting of timber due to movement of substrate and / or floor boards caused by thermal expansion and contraction and / or changes in humidity.
  • Cupping of floor boards.
  • Unsightly nails damaging the appearance of the finished floor product.

SikaBond® polyurethane flooring adhesive systems deliver the following list of benefits:

  • Ideal for all timbers, including those difficult to bond such as beech and bamboo.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Shear resistant bond and uniform distribution of stress, protecting the substrate.
  • Impact sound and noise transfer reduction.
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces.
  • Shrinkage free, low emission curing and solvent free.
  • Long lasting bond providing maximum walking comfort.
  • Compatible with in floor radiant heating systems.
  • Almost no limitations to your creativity. Not restricted to timber installations, combinations with other materials such as stone, ceramics or metal inlays possible.
  • Larger surfaces can be installed without expansion joints.
  • Reduced waiting times over new concrete or screeds. Even when substrate moisture levels are too high, SikaBond® Timber Flooring Adhesives can still be used in conjunction with Sika® Primer MB.