Caravan and Motorhomes

Caravan and Motorhomes

Sandwich Panel Production

Caravan and motorhome manufacturers use metal, wood, fibreglass and foam insulation in the production of side and rear walls, floors and roofs. Increased efficiency in production is a critical factor for this competitive market place. Good thermal insulation, light-weight construction and high acoustic dampening are required to provide enhanced occupant comfort and better fuel economy.

Traditional fixing methods can result in buckling, deformation and denting of side and roof panels. Such issues require significant cost and labour to repair and rework. The use of adhesive bonding to fabricate the panels eliminates such risks and improves efficiency, quality and cost. Sika provides solutions custom formulated to match with different customer process requirements. For example, systems are available with a wide range of press times, green strengths, open times and other key factors to adapt to the process needs of each customer manufacturing requirements.

General Bonding and Sealing in Interior

Effective sealing of the vehicle body against water ingress is essential for the elimination of expensive warranty costs and quality claims from end customers. A robust watertight seal protects wiring looms, vital electronic equipment and the entire vehicle interior. Modern vehicle interiors are expected to look stylish, attractive and inviting, and also to be finished to a very high standard. Bonded systems allow for the combination of high-performance sealing with improved aesthetics and performance.

Body Assembly and Exterior Sealing

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the aerodynamics and styling of caravan and motorhome vehicles. The mix of materials used to fabricate such vehicles has also radically changed. The use of fibreglass composites and sandwich panel structures is now commonplace, as manufacturers seek to reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy and enhance thermal insulation and user comfort.

Sika can provide a range of high-performance solutions for body assembly. SikaForce two-component PUR adhesives demonstrate high strength, good flexibility and are capable of curing at room or elevated temperatures. Sikaflex PUR sealants and adhesives combine simplicity of application with excellent durability and adhesion. Sikaflex Hybrid technology combines the performance of traditional Sikaflex polyurethane systems, but demonstrates additional benefits such as reduced substrate preparation and improved worker safety. SikaFast two-component adhesives combine low surface preparation and high tensile strength with rapid de-jigging and full cure. SikaLastomer butyl sealants provide excellent sound damping and sealing properties.

Direct Glazing

For over 20 years, Sika has been providing caravan, motorhome, bus and coach, automotive, truck and rail OEM assembly lines with solutions for direct glazing. Primerless, manual and automated pretreatment options are available to fit the needs of a variety of OEM application processes in order to create significant cost savings and manufacturing process simplification.

Sika offers a wide range of adhesive technologies to suit all direct glazing applications. Specific Sikaflex solutions are available to suit cold, warm and hot application processes. Proprietary Sikaflex materials are capable of retaining the glass in position following installation, allowing for elimination of secondary clips, fixings and tape. Sikaflex materials can also provide low electrically conductive properties for elimination of galvanic corrosion.

Ancillary Products

Surface pretreatment agents are used to improve adhesion of sealants and adhesives onto various substrates