Melbourne, Victoria

Hungry Jack‘s Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation and has over 300 stores across Australia.

Due to numerous of their stores flooring failing and requiring renovations and more durable food flooring solution for their kitchen and service areas was required. The flooring would need to be able to withstand a high level of foot traffic, abrasion from trolleys, impact from tools and equipment and stains from food ingredients.

Hungry Jack’s Australia have for many years used a range of floors in their food kitchens. The two main options have been heavy duty tiles or Polyester resin floors.

Given tiles, whilst considered durable, have one significant weakness around grout joints, whereby hot cooking oil and fat materials can degrade the epoxy grout joints if exposed frequently and the cost of maintaining floor tiles can be very costly, not to mention the cost in down-time of the fast-food restaurant, an alternative, durable, non-slip, food grade flooring solution was required.

Polyester resin was a potential option with it’s resistance to fats and oils but given it is very hard and brittle by nature it has a low impact resistance.

Sika solution

After reviewing Sika’s polyurethane cement solutions, specifically Sikafloor-22 PurCem including it’s previous installations and performance in commercial kitchen environments, the client chose to install it in six stores in the Melbourne area with Sika’s recommended flooring contractor ‘Liquid Coating Systems’ being assigned to the project.

The first installation has taken affect and currently performing to its best and we have no doubt that this specification of Sikafloor-22 PurCem will be adopted throughout Hungry Jack’s fast food restaurant flooring nationwide.

Date April 2013
Location Springvale, Melbourne, Victoria
Sika Representative Darrell Murray

Products used

Sikafloor-22 PurCem