Silverwater, New South Wales

Project Overview

Prisons are harsh environments. It is no surprise that that all equipment fittings and surfaces selected for the build must be as robust as possible. All surfaces require hygienic easy to clean but durable solutions. The requirement for flooring at Silverwater Correctional Complex was to level the existing concrete floor with a heavy duty cementitious leveling compound finished with a hard-wearing epoxy that form a coving and upturn on wall for a smooth, hygiene transition from floor to wall.

Project Requirements

A durable, chemical resistant, easy cleanability and maintenance, along with OH&S slip resistant requirements for pedestrian foot traffic concourse areas, over four levels of grandstand.

Sika solution

Having worked on several Detention Centres flooring, Sikafloor Multidur ET-14 epoxy flooring was found to be the most suitable for selected for access walkways and holding cells to perform this task.

As the levelling compound on concrete, Sika recommended Sikafloor Level Ultra; A premium high-performance self-levelling & smoothing compound.

Finally to finish this off, Sikaflex® 11 FC 'pick-resistant' Polyurethane sealant was also selected for all joints and terminations in the cells.

Sika Representative / Project Manager
Farzad Amirzadeh
Date May, 2021
Location Silverwater, New South Wales
Sika Customer / Contractor
Remedial Building Services
Project size 6000m2