York, United Kingdom

After successfully completing the trial application of its groundbreaking Sika ComfortFloor® system to a newly refurbished single room and ensuite shower room, Sika was awarded with the replacement of the floor in one of York Hospital operating theatres.

Project Requirements

In a modern healthcare environment, hygiene, safety and cost-effectiveness are key requirements when specifying flooring products, materials and systems. When York Hospital required a new floor for one of its operating theatres, Sika ComfortFloor® PS-65 – the seamless, liquid applied flooring system fitted the bill perfectly.

Where exceptional cleanliness is a prerequisite, the system was also applied with minimal disruption and simply laid over the original terrazzo floor. This prevented noise and dust creation due to disposals, as well as the operating theatre being out of use for longer than absolutely necessary.

Sika Solutions

Combining stunning aesthetics with high performance, Sika ComfortFloor® PS65 has excellent noise-cancelling properties of 19 dB. With its chemical composition and texture absorbent impact, its excellent acoustic insulation prevents transmission of sound for both footfall and impact. With the installation complete and the room now operational, the Sika ComfortFloor® PS65 system will ensure that the floor remains completely seamless, prevents trip hazards, offers easy maintenance and outperforms traditional vinyl flooring for many years to come.

Products Used

Sika ComfortFloor® PS-65
Sika ComfortFloor®
Sikafloor® Comfort Adhesive
Sikafloor® Comfort Regupol 6015H
Sikafloor® Comfort Porefiller
Sikafloor® 330
Sikafloor® 305 W
Sika ComfortFloor® PS65

Note: Not all products are available in Sika Australia. Please contact your local technical sales representative for availabilities.

Project Participants

York Hospital Estates

Specialist Applicator
IRL Group

Sika Organization
Sika Limited