Here at Sika we understand that when it comes to safety on work sites and working  with internal or external tiling projects, that there are plenty of things to consider. We know that any reduction in being exposed to silica dust can only be a positive choice to lessen the likelihood of exposure to harmful and often hard to detect with the human eye, silica dust.

Sika’s range of SikaTile® Silica Free technology has been developed by our Sika technical department to create formulations that comply with AS ISO 13007 – Class C2TES1 without the use of any silica sand.

According to Safe Work Australia, the 8-hour time weighted average workplace exposure standard (WES) for respirable crystalline silica is recommended to be reduced from 0.1 mg/m3 to 0.02mg/m3 to minimise the risk of silicosis and lung cancer. Products containing silica sand may be below the limit but may still contain RCS. Sika formulates its products without silica sand, contributing to efforts to minimise silica dust exposure in construction environments..

Sika's technology incorporates features that aim to minimise dust emissions throughout the product lifecycle, including manufacturing, handling, and application. This potentially reduces exposure to very fine powder dust originating from cement, fillers, and other additives.

Figure 1(a) demonstrates the product's ability to maintain performance while potentially reducing dust generation compared to baseline measurements.

Compared to similar products in the Australian market, preliminary testing suggests Sika's tile adhesive with this technology generates dust concentrations that may be lower than the average range, as shown in Figure 1(b). Please note that further testing and data are required for conclusive comparisons.

Sika's Dust Less technology aims to significantly reduce airborne dust during the mixing phase, potentially contributing to safer working conditions with less dust exposure and a cleaner environment. However, it is crucial to adhere to recommended safety practices and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for safe handling.


Figure 1. Dust concentration test results with (a) two tile adhesives sharing the same main formula - with and without Dust Less technology, (b) various tile adhesives in the Australian market. Test conducted in February 2021 by Sika Corporation.

Sika Australia products with Dust Less technology for tile and stone installation.



While these adhesives do not require the GHS 7 - GHS08 Health Hazard icon due to their lack of Respirable Crystalline Silica, it's important to always follow safe handling practices and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as suitable dust masks, safety eyewear, and protective gloves, as recommended by safety regulations and good industry practice.


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