Perth, Western Australia

The Print Hall project is a multi-storey commercial food, wine and function precinct with it’s main draw card being a large food court with numerous high quality international cuisines. The site is the heritage listed 1930s Newspaper House building, formerly the home of the Western Australian Newspaper.

Within the building is a series of small, medium and large commercial kitchens designed to cater for all of the food related activities with this precinct. These kitchens experience an immense demand and thus require a suitable flooring solution.

Given the large demand on the kitchens, the project required that the flooring systems to be installed for in the kitchens would be able to withstand an enormous amount of foot and trolley traffic.

The kitchen environment required that the flooring was impact resistant, to avoid being damaged from the dropping of cooking and cleaning utensils, as well as being resistant to food acids, cooking oils and thermal shock. Given the large financial cost that floor failures cost operators, the flooring must be extremely durable and stand the test of time.

Sika solution

Leeda Developments, the company managing the entire project including construction and the internal fit out elected to use Sikafloor- 22 Purcem as a flooring solution for all kitchens.

Sikafloor-22 PurCem, Sika’s polyurethane cement based floor has proven itself, over many years to be the ultimate answer for commercial and industrial food facilities.Not only does it cope with the rigours of these environments mentioned earlier, it is seamless, VOC compliant for food grade requirements and cleanroom certified by European standards by the CSM.

Antiskid Industries, a recommended Sikafloor contractor with extensive experience and application know-how was chosen to perform the install of the Purcem system.

They were able to successfully install Sika’s flooring to the exacting and demanding requirements of this project with very little downtime for the operator.

The finished result was a serious of food grade kitchen floors within that can relied upon to provide long term performance in a demanding environment.

Date September 2012
Location Perth, Western Australia
Sika representative Paul Edmonds

Products used

Sikafloor-22 Purcem