Sikafloor® Level Ultra


Sikafloor® Level Ultra is a Fiber Reinforced Self Levelling Compound that can be applied on exterior or interior concrete substrates.

▪ Fiber reinforced ▪ Very Low VOC (~1 gram per litre) ▪ Green star certified ▪ High flexural strength ▪ High compressive strength ▪ Underfloor heating suitable ▪ Fast drying - Install tiles after 5-6hrs & moisture sensitive flooring after 7-8hrs @ 23°C ▪ Highly fluid with great self-healing properties
▪ Simply mix & apply - No slaking or re-mixing required
▪ Pump or manual application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the term self-levelling mean?

Self-levelling means the product is highly fluid and when applied it begins to level uneven surfaces.

What does the term self-healing mean?

When a highly fluid levelling compound is applied, the product will self-heal leaving a smooth surface after being touched by a trowel or gauge rake during the installation process.

Can Sikafloor® Level Ultra be installed on external concrete?

Yes. This is a huge advantage to Sikafloor® Level Ultra, as it can be applied on both internal or external concrete substrates.

Do you need to use a primer before the application of Sikafloor® Level Ultra?

Yes. A primer has two very important jobs in this process. Firstly, it acts as a bonding agent between the existing concrete and the levelling compound. Secondly, it seals/blocks the capillaries (air pockets) in the concrete and stops moisture being drawn down into the concrete from the levelling compound.

Can Sikafloor® Level Ultra be applied directly over timber or chipboard?

No. Sikafloor® Level Ultra is specifically designed to be applied over prepared concrete substrates.  

Is Sikafloor® Level Ultra suitable as a trafficable surface?

o. Sikafloor® Level Ultra is a underlayment, this means it must have flooring or coating applied after installation.

Can Sikafloor® Level Ultra be applied on a rooftop or balcony?

Yes. Sikafloor® Level Ultra can be applied on rooftops prior to subsequent materials such as liquid or sheet membranes.

Do you have to put expansion joints or saw cuts through Sikafloor® Level Ultra?

Only when reflecting through from host concrete.