Bulli, NSW

Project overview

The escalating traffic, congestion, and queuing in Bulli have become a cause of concern. The issue is primarily attributable to parked vehicles along the Princes Highway between Station Street and Park Road, as well as the turning vehicles at Memorial Drive, Station Street, and Park Road.

To mitigate the congestion, Transport for NSW initiated the procedure of expanding the south-bound bridge on Memorial Drive, transforming it from a single-lane to a dual-lane structure. The surface of the bridge deck was required to meet rigorous standards for exceptional durability and resilience against constant vehicular traffic movements.

Sika solution

Brought in by Transport for NSW on behalf of the Bridge Works Southern team, Sika was able to apply its specially designed floor joint and civil engineering polyurethane sealants, Sikaflex® Pro-3 Purform and Sikaflex® Pro-3 Purform Powercure.

The proposed solutions are outlined as follows:

  • Clean bonding surface by means of sweep and vacuum joint.
  • Apply appropriate closed cell backer rod into the joint, allowing for a 1:0.8 joint ratio (width:depth).
  • Apply Sika® Primer 3 N to the sides of the joint
  • Apply Sikaflex® PRO-3 Purform sealant into joint.
  • Mist the caulked joint with clean fresh water and tool for smooth finish.
  • Allow Sikaflex® PRO-3 Purform to cure for four days prior to being subject to trafficable conditions (abutment 1).
  • Sikaflex® PRO-3 Purform PowerCure was trafficable two hours after application (abutment 2).


Date November 2022  
Location Bulli, NSW  
Project size 100LM  
Contractor Transport for NSW  
Sika representative Ben Forliano