Melbourne, Victoria

Project overview

Swanson Dock is an international shipping facility on the north bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. It and several other docks make up the Port of Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest ports for containerized and general cargo.

Swanson Dock East has a berth length of 2,900 feet (884 m), six container cranes and 99 acres (40 hectares) of container storage, while Swanson Dock West has 3,097 feet (944 m) of wharves, seven cranes and 84 acres (34 hectares) of storage space.

Project requirements

Grouting under the base plate of the crain rails with a low exotherm epoxy grouting system for high demand equipment.

Sika solution

Sika solution in this project was SikaDur-42 HP.

Project owner Melbourne Port
Engineer Aecom
Principal   McConnel Douglas
Contractor Martinus Rail

Products used