Tate Britain is a renowned art gallery and part of the British Tate gallery network. It is located in the Tate’s original premises on Millbank, London on the site of Millbank Prison and is the oldest gallery in the network opening in 1897.

Project Requirements

The front part of the building has a classical portico and dome behind, including a lead rotunda roof which had ripped and split over the years. This roof presented a very complex re-waterproofing challenge due to the difficult details over the existing lead rolls, and required the installation of a product that was heat tolerant and able to deal with high levels of movement whilst maintaining the waterproof integrity.

Sika Solutions

A Decothane Delta 25 system from SikaRoof® MTC 22 was specified for the project. This is a cold applied, liquid membrane that cures to provide guaranteed waterproof protection. It is a seamless membrane that can be quickly and easily installed even around complex detail areas, making it ideal for use on complicated roofs.

Once installed it meets the highest fire ratings available for a roof system. The colour used is also very similar to that of lead and because it was applied over the existing lead work the finished aesthetics are very similar to that of the original roof.

Products Used

SikaRoof® MTC 22

Note: Not all products are available in Sika Australia. Please contact your local technical sales representative for availabilities.

Project Participants

MC Designers

Tate Galleries