Enfidha, Tunisia

In 2004, the Tunisian government decided that a new airport should be built on 4,300 hectares at Enfidha, a state-of-the-art international airport complex with first-class shopping, restaurants, entertainment facilities and service for the airlines and passengers. The construction plans called for building the airport in several phases; the first phase of the airport would have a passenger handling capacity of five million per year.

Project Requirements

The airport was set to be a symbol of the country and had to reflect the image of modern Tunisia. The design of the terminal was conceived in the form of a square diamond, the point of which is directed towards the landing strips. The terminal building was covered with a light roof in a futuristic design in the form of giant wings.

The external facade shows a clear division between the lower levels and that of the upper ones of the building. The use of clever glazing in the building allows light to permeate the whole interior space. A large space was established in the center of the building, and different gardens were created between the runway area and departure lounges to give passengers a chance to relax. The interior design is a subtle mixture of traditional and modern styles.

Sika Solutions


Sikament®-90 MF for piles, superstructures, and solid floor
Sika® ViscoCrete® Tempo 12 for concrete strength C35 at 72 hours
Sika® Monotop®-612 F and Sika® Monotop®-650 for concrete repair


SikaTop®-209 Reservoir for coating drinking water reservoirs
WaterStop for expansion joints

Structural Strengthening

SikaGrout®-212 for wedging for column and structural steel
Sika® Carbodur as structural strengthener for solid floor and beams
Separol Mineral for metallic framework

Sealing & Bonding

Sikadur®-30 as anchorage for bars and bolts of structural steel
Sikaflex®-T68 W for horizontal sealing between concrete and asphalt
Sikasil® WS-605 as a sealer between granite and aluminum
Sikasil® SG-20 as structural glazing for the airport’s structure

Project Participants

Tunisian Government

Aéroport de Paris (ADP)

Sika Organization
Sika Tunisia