The majority of wind turbines are built with tubular steel segments. These steel parts must be able to perform in some of the hardest environments in the world. Sika has developed a complete range of products to allow the turbines to perform over long periods of time.

Steel Towers - an Economic and Proven Overall Solution

Among the advantages of the choice of steel towers are the speed of erection, the economical side and the reliability of the designs. Owner, engineer and contractor need a proven complete solution for a fast, efficient and durable erection of their wind farm.

To meet all these requirements, Sika has formulated corrosion protection coating systems for steel tower sections and optimized construction grouts to facilitate the erection of the tower.
Our corrosion protection systems allow our customers to protect their steel in the full range of defined corrosive categories that protect both the interior and the exterior of onshore steel towers.
Our construction grouts permit our customers to erect their turbines in a fast and safe way, optimizing the time need of cranes and auxiliary equipment.

Steel Tower

Surface Protection

Protecting the structure prolongs the longevity and prevents expensive damages and repairs. Coating systems are used to enhance the appearance and are specified to suit relevant regulations and service conditions. Sikagard® hydrophobic impregnations, rigid and flexible coating systems are proven to protect concrete from the ingress of deleterious substances harmful to steel reinforcement. SikaCor® and Sika® Permacor® high quality corrosion protection systems for interior and exterior surfaces of steel towers are based on high-strength, modern binder resins which enable very low solvent content formulations.

Sealing and Bonding Between Joints

Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® stand for best-in-class and high quality envelope sealants. To achieve best performance for your application our assortment comprises of all major sealant technologies. Advanced polyurethane sealants for porous substrates and innovative silicones for non-porous substrates, or where a high adhesion is required, our unique silane-modified polymer range.

Element bonding adhesives provide a rigid bond between elements to transfer load. Sikadur® epoxy adhesives have been used effectively to bond precast concrete elements together and provide a waterproof seal. They also have excellent adhesion to many other materials and can be used to bond different substrates.

Grouting to Fill Voids

Sika grouting technologies are cementitious, resin or polyurethane binders. Engineering grouts are designed to completely fill voids and transfer load. SikaGrout® and Sikadur ® are ideal for the filling of vertical or horizontal joints; for levelling of interacting concrete surfaces and filling very small holes. Sika cable grouts fill small crevices around post tensioned wires to protect the steel from corrosion.

Concrete Construction

For the construction of concrete towers Sika provides a large variety of concrete admixtures and auxiliary products. Mould release agents for easy de-moulding, superplasticizer for improved workability, strength and durability accelerators for a faster production process. Fibers can be used to reduce crack-width and to replace steel reforcement. The use of curing compounds leads to higher durability as the concrete surface is protected after de-moulding.