Why is Cementicious Grout no Option for Glass Embedded Solutions

The use of cement based grouts for external glazing of glass has been common practice, however there are several risks incorporated with cement based grouts which must be highlighted when installing any laminate product.

There are the following areas of concern:

Cement based products are caustic and can react when in contact with sensitive
materials e.g. laminated interlayers.

There are many different grades of grouts available, some seriously shrink as they harden

Cement based grouts have a level of porosity allowing water penetrate which can freeze and leave hairline cracks.
More water can penetrate. Freeze and thaw cycles destroying the cementitious

Altogether Sika does not recommend the use of cement based products for installing glass balustrades. Use of SikaForce® GG instead.

"Glas Embedding with cementitious grout is high risk concerning incompatibility with the interlayer and glass breakage."