How a unipack (foil sausage) is opened can increase the quality of the applied material and avoid issues. The following section explains how a unipack is most efficiently opened.

Technicians have used a range of tools including shears, pliers, box cutters and other sharp instruments to cut directly below the metal clip at the end of the unipack. While this method works well most of the time, some issues may arise, such as a small piece of cured adhesive forming directly below the clip that could make its way into the fresh adhesive.  

Scuff the paint on the aperture to remove the clear coat
  • Sika therefore recommends that the metal clip remain attached. Instead technicians should simply slice the end of the unipack approx. 1 cm between the clip and the shoulder.
  • Care should be taken not to slice through the welded foil of the unipack as this area provides good structural support. This procedure allows the liquid adhesive to flow around the metal clip and any residual cured material that may be present.
  • To open cartridges pierce membrane.