The Complete Removal Method is an alternative to the Full-Cut Method. A complete adhesive removal requires the removal of existing material down to the frame. During a complete removal, the aperture must be cleaned of all products and materials other than the clean weld area and the original paint.

This method must be used when:

  • The aperture has been repainted for any reason (e.g. body shop corrosion treatment)
  • The aperture is damaged and will be repainted
  • The existing urethane adhesive is loose or has deteriorated
  • An improper product was previously used (e.g. – butyl, silicone)
Scuff the paint on the aperture to remove the clear coat
  • After exposing the original paint, carefully scuff the paint on the aperture to remove the clear coat. Care must be taken to avoid removing the e-coat and phosphate coating, which lie beneath the OEM primer
Cleaning the area with Sika Cleaner G+P
  • Clean the area using Sika® Cleaner G+P
  • Before continuing, ensure that the surface is dry and clean