Sikalastic® WPU

Elastomeric, single component, fibre reinforced, water based polyurethane membrane

Sikalastic® WPU is a premixed, single component, water based polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Sikalastic® WPU is a Class III membrane with high extensibility and forms an elastomeric, seamless waterproofing membrane for use in internal and external applications for under tiled finishes including shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries, decks, balconies, podiums and rooftops. Sikalastic® WPU has low VOC and adheres to a wide variety of substrates. Sikalastic® WPU contains micro fibre reinforcement for improved tensile strength and crack bridging capabilities.

  • High Extensibility >300% (Class III)
  • UV Stable
  • Micro fibre enhanced reinforcement
  • Internal and external applications
  • Single component- no mixing, ready to use
  • Water based- Low VOC, Non-hazardous
  • Compatible with Sika® tile adhesives