Davco® K11 Moisture Barrier

An alkali-reactive waterproofing product based on alkali resistant synthetically modified cement. The Davco Lanko K11 waterproofing concept is based on the crystallisation process. Davco Lanko K11 compounds combine with free water and other elements in the substrate to produce a waterproof membrane. The unique and highly effective components of the Davco Lanko K11 systems chemically react within the pores and capillaries upon exposure to the moisture and the elements. This chemical reaction initiates the formation of the crystalline structure within the pores and capillaries, to become an integral part of the structure and block the passage of water. Davco Lanko K11 is a brush or roller applied, Portland cement based system for waterproofing concrete and masonry through the crystallisation process. Davco Lanko K11 waterproofs the positive side or the negative side of the substrate. Following proper application, active water pressures force the crystal forming chemicals deeper into the sub-surface capillaries and pores to form a monolithic bond and become an integral part of the structure.

  • Used as part of the flooring system to prevent the transfer of moisture from the slab.
  • A cement-based moisture barrier for green concrete and screeds.
  • Can be used on a large variety of applications