Sika® CarboShear L

Sika CarboShear L is a high performance CFRP shear strengthening system for reinforced concrete structures. It consists of two components: Sika Carboshear L shaped CFRP plates and Sikadur-30 adhesive. Sika CarboShear complements the Sika CarboDur composite strengthening system used for structural strengthening.

Sika® CarboShear L carbon fibre shear links are corrosion resistant, designed for strengthening concrete structures in shear and to anchor Sika® CarboDur® plates at their ends. They are part of the Sika® CarboDur® CFRP Strengthening System.
Sika® CarboShear L shear links are bonded as external reinforcement using Sikadur®-30 epoxy resin based adhesive for normal, or Sikadur®-30 LP epoxy resin based adhesive for elevated temperatures during application. For fixing into the anchorage holes, Sika AnchorFix®-3001, Sika AnchorFix®-3030 can also be used.
Please refer to the relevant Product Data Sheet for more detailed information about each of these adhesives.

  • Tested anchorage system.
  • Non-corroding
  • Very high strength and durability
  • Shear and bursting enhancement.
  • Well defined anchoring.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low overall thickness, can be over coated.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Easy installation – no heavy handling and installation equipment.
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance.
  • Minimal preparation of the shear links is required.
  • Minimal aesthetic impact.