SikaSeal® Roof & Gutter

1-component neutral cure roof and gutter silicone sealant

SikaSeal® Roof & Gutter is a one-component, neutral curing, low odour silicone sealant with excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces.
SikaSeal® Roof & Gutter cures through the absorption of atmospheric moisture to give a tough but flexible waterproof seal.

  • Neutral cure
  • Excellent adhesion to most common construction materials such as: glass, enamel, ceramics, tiles, most metal* (see Important Considerations), most plastic, rubber, concrete and grouts
  • Non-sag
  • Great tooling characteristics
  • Interior and exterior usage
  • Fast curing
  • Minimum movement capability ±25%
  • High temperature resistance (-40°c to +150°c)