Sikalastic® Moisture Seal

High performance, two-component, water based epoxy primer and waterproofing barrier membrane

Sikalastic® Moisture Seal is a two part, water-based, epoxy which chemically cures to form a waterproof vapour barrier that is hydrostatic pressure resistant and can prevent rising damp. Sikalastic® Moisture Seal can be used as a primer over damp concrete and damp screeds prior to the application of various Sika®  waterproofing membranes. Sikalastic® Moisture Seal is a low VOC product that is ideal for use in confined spaces.

▪ Excellent adhesion to damp substrates ▪ Easy water clean-up ▪ Primer and moisture barrier ▪ Non-flammable ▪ Resistant to moisture ▪ Convenient 1:1 mix ratio ▪ Easy to apply