Floor sealing and floor finishing are methods of coating floors in a protective solution to further reduce wear and tear and make maintenance even easier. There are three key types of floor sealants:

∙ Polyurethene floor sealant
∙ Solvent-based sealant
∙ Water-based sealant

Which floor sealant you choose is dependent on the type of floor you want to
cover, the level of foot traffic and environmental conditions that your floor
is under, and how frequently your floor can undergo maintenance.

We produce two types of floor sealers:

Sikafloor® Duraseal, a non-yellowing, solvent-based acrylic concrete sealer that’s
ideal for:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Car parks and garages
  • Exterior pavements
  • Exposed industrial areas


Sikafloor® CureHard-24, a sodium silicate/water-based transparent concrete surface hardener that’s suitable for interior or exterior surfaces and offers protection against:

  • Dust
  • Light to moderate abrasion
  • Chemical abrasion
  • Ingressn (Principle 1, method 1.2 of EN 1504-9)
  • Physical resistance (Principle 5, method 5.2 of EN 1504-9)

Contact your local Sika sales manager to find out more about our floor sealers.