Sika® Rugasol®-90

Concrete surface retarder for horizontal surfaces (Summer)

Sika® Rugasol®-90 is a specially formulated liquid surface retarder for summer conditions. Sika® Rugasol®-90 will cause retardation to the surface of the freshly laid concrete, and can be used to achieve an exposed-aggregate type finish. The retarding compound in Sika® Rugasol®-90 combines with cement at the surface and delays the normal hydration on the surface of the concrete (high cement contents and temperatures will reduce the retardation). After retardation has finished, the concrete cures to its full strength.

Sika® Rugasol®-90 can be used undiluted or in diluted version, depending on the degree of the surface penetration required. Depth of penetration is controlled and constant. Surface retardation of up to 24 hours can be achieved. Extremely cost effective.