SikaFiber® PPM 48/19

Blended Polyolefin Macro/Micro – synthetic fibres designed to enhance the distribution and performance of fibre reinforcement

SikaFiber® PPM 48/19 is a blend of Macro Structural Synthetic Fibres and Micro Monofilament Fibres which are designed to an optimum gradation. This engineered combination of Macro/Micro fibres provides improved interfacial bonding and flexural toughness efficiency.

  • Non magnetic
  • Rustproof
  • Requires no minimum amount of concrete cover
  • Is always placed in compliance with the codes
  • Durability is enhanced
  • Safer and easier than traditional reinforcement
  • Environmentally friendly recycled packaging
  • SikaFiber® PPM 48/19concrete can be pumped, sprayed or placed using conventional equipment.