Novocon® FE-1050

Steel fibres for concrete

Novocon® FE-1050 steel fibres are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete, mortars and other cementitious mixes. Novocon® FE-1050 is a cold drawn wire fibre, deformed with flat ends (FE) to provide optimum performance within the concrete mix. Novocon® FE-1050 steel fibres are European Standard-EN 14889-1:2006 compliant and have been specifically designed to meet or exceed the defined performance requirements.

  • Provides uniform multi-directional concrete reinforcement
  • Increases crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption or toughness of concrete
  • Improves impact resistance, fatigue endurance and shear strength of concrete
  • High tensile strength fibre bridging joints and cracks to provide tighter aggregate interlock resulting in increased load-carrying capacity
  • Requires less labour to incorporate into concrete than conventional reinforcement
  • Offers economical concrete reinforcement solutions with greater project scheduling accuracy
  • Ideally suited for hand or vibratory screeds, laser screeds and all conventional finishing equipment
  • Requires no minimum amount of concrete cover
  • Always positioned in compliance with codes
  • Safe and easier to use than traditional reinforcement
  • Reduces construction time
  • Improved durability