Grinding Aid and Quality Improver for the production of cement and slag

SikaGrind®-272 is a chloride free, cement and slag liquid additive.

SikaGrind®-272 is a dispersant with the following characteristics:
  • Chemical activation of the hydration process (cement)
  • Neutralisation of electrical charges on the surface of the particles
  • Separation of the cement or slag particles
SikaGrind®-272 provides the following advantages in the cement and slag production:
  • Enhanced grinding performance of the mill
  • Higher separator efficiency
  • Higher mill output (tons per hour)
  • Reduced relative power consumption per ton of material
  • Easier achievement of the desired binder fineness (Blaine, particle fraction > 45µm, grain size distribution)
  SikaGrind®-272 gives the following advantages to the finished cement:
  • Reduced quantity of “over-milled” particles in the binder grading
  • Increased strength development especially at early ages
  • Earlier set time characteristics
  • Economic cement design with clinker replacements