Sika® Plastiment®-30

WRRe - Water Reducer Retarder

Sika® Plastiment®-30 is a water reducing concrete admixture based on modified polycarboxylates. It improves dispersion of the cementitious materials, resulting in increased workability and/or water reduction.

  • Improved dispersion of cementitious materials.
  • Reduction in the energy required for effective mixing.
  • Higher slump can be achieved without further addition of water, or higher strength can be achieved at the same slump.
  • Fresh concrete is easier to pump, place and compact.
  • Lower water/cement ratios are possible, improving concrete strength and durability.
  • The retarding properties of  Sika® Plastiment®-30 allow fresh concrete to remain workable for longer.
  • Sika® Plastiment®-30 is manufactured from selected polycarboxylates  which reduce the detrimental effects caused by variations in concrete raw materials.