SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK

MWR – Mid-Range Water reducer

SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK is a water reducing and workability-retaining admixture specifically formulated for extended slump life in concrete. SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK combines the benefits of a mid-range water reducer with a slump keeper to achieve extended slump life in 120-180 mm slump concrete.

SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK is a unique concrete admixture used to improve the workability and slump retention of concrete mixtures. SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK uses innovative polycarboxylate polymer technology, which can be used in various concrete applications whenever extended slump retention and concrete plasticity without excessive set time delays is required. Use of SikaPlast® Eco-80 SK delivers the following benefits to a concrete producer: ▪ Extended slump retention. ▪ Reduced or eliminated need for concrete re-tempering. ▪ Optimized concrete mix design resulting in cost savings. ▪ Ability to adjust the slump retention accordingly to transportation time and temperature. ▪ Reduced rejection rates due to issues related to concrete re-tempering.