Sika® FerroGard®-500 Crete

Activating Mortar for Sika® FerroGard® Galvanic Anode Systems

The Sika® FerroGard®-500 Crete is a 1-part, pre-mixed mortar packaged in a sealant cartridge. The Sika® FerroGard®-500 Crete mortar is used in the installation of the galvanic Sika® FerroGard® Patch and Sika® FerroGard® Patch CC anode units. The cure time and physical properties have been designed to simplify installation and optimise performance.

  • Specially formulated for application
  • Pre-mixed for ease of use
  • Single component
  • Simple installation
  • Long shelf life
  • Eliminates inconsistency associated with on-site mixing of mortars
  • Minimal site labour requirement reduces costs
  • Absence of site batching minimises waste