Multipurpose Sealing Products

Sealing Products

Elastomeric Sealant

Joints cannot only be found at the building envelope but also inside. Of course, requirements for corresponding joint sealants are different from typical weather sealing products. Often interior joints are connection joints around door and window frames. But due to more ambient temperatures, these joints are not usually exposed to high movement. Sika provides elastic Sikaflex, Sikasil and Sikacryl sealants that are paintable, have suitable movement capabilities and very good compatibility to a wide range of paints that are easy to apply.

Structural Engineering Silicons

Sika provides proper joint sealants to protect against the elements with minimal impact on the environment,  especially the ground water against contamination. Special Sika sealants are fuel and oil resistant, are stable against various chemicals, and exhibit an excellent mechanical resistance. These sealants comply with relevant legal regulations and carry the corresponding approvals.

Acrylic Sealants

A premium quality decorators caulk, acrylic based, paintable and flexible for internal sealing and filling applications.

General Silcones

General purpose silicone sealants suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Miscellaneous Sealants

Multi-purpose sealant for internal and external sealing applications.