The project is located in the German sector of the North Sea. The offshore substation structure is a 4 legged jacket with one pile sleeve per leg located in 28 meter water depth.

Project Requirements

The design of the grouted connection required a grout with compressive strength class C100/115. The workability must be secured for at least 3 hours in a wide temperature range. A compressive strength of > 20 MPa after 24 hours was necessary for fast progress. The fulfilment of all requirements have been demonstrated in a single case approval.

Sika Solutions

SikaGrout®-3500 WP, a high performance grout specially designed for demanding offshore conditions, was delivered in 1.5 tn bags. The grout was mixed in 3 tn batches in an orbital mixing unit and pumped 110 m to the piles.

Product Used

SikaGrout®-3500 WP

Project Participants


Seaway Heavy Lifting

Grouting Contractor
Core Grouting Services

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