El Teniente, Chile

For over 100 years, the copper ores of the El Teniente porphyry intrusion are mined in the central Andes region in Chile. Today, El Teniente is producing more than 137,000 tons of copper ore per day, which makes the mine among the largest underground operations on the globe with one of the highest, annual copper output. The “Nuevo Nivel Mina” project permits paneling of cave copper ore some 350 meters below the current undercut level to define ore extraction for the next 40 years.

Project Requirements

With increasing depths, seismicity and rock bursts become more and more relevant, having a strong influence on the design of the underground fortification such as the primary, fiber-reinforced shotcrete liner. Together with its partners, Sika is constantly improving the concrete mix design for the specific applications at El Teniente.

Particularly the logistical challenges for such a large operation, including the long travel times of the concrete to the point of use as well as the demanding technical requirements warrant special attention. Furthermore, Sika is at the forefront of implementing high environmental, health and safety standards for its products and their use.

Sika Solutions

Sika is a long-standing partner of Codelco and its main contractors involved in the underground development of El Teniente. For many years, Sika is the main supplier of construction chemicals and equipment for the mine site, covering concrete and shotcrete admixtures, fibers, spraying equipment, specialty grouts and many other products providing onsite support and assistance.

Sika® Viscocrete® technology is used for the demanding concrete applications at El Teniente such as the loading pockets below the caved ore body, concrete linings of ore passes and various foundation works. The primary shotcrete liner is designed to reach an optimal cost-performance, based on the cement and admixture dosage. High performing Sika Sigunit® alkali-free shotcrete accelerators in combination with macro steel fibers are in use throughout the El Teniente underground development.

Reliable Sika-Putzmeister spraying equipment has been the go-to solution for the sprayed concrete applications. Due to the large volumes of supplied material, Sika installed a supply hub in the village of Rancagua, right at the doorstep of El Teniente.

Products Used


Sigunit® AF
Sika® ViscoCrete® HS CL
Sika Plastocrete®


Sika® Waterbars
SikaSwell® S-2


Sikadur®42 HS
Sika® Abraroc® CL

Sealing and Bonding

Sikaflex® 1A


Sikafloor® 263
Sikafloor® PurCem®

Project Participants


Sika Organization
Sika Chile