Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba

Discrete anode for corrosion mitigation of incipient anode adjacent to concrete repaired areas and for corrosion prevention in new construction

Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba is a zinc based discrete sacrificial anode placed inside a concrete repaired area in reinforced concrete structures which are corroding as a result of chloride ingress. Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba anodes are placed along the perimeter of the repair area and fixed to the reinforcement prior to the application of a concrete repair system. The reinforcement outside the repaired area is at greatest corrosion risk owing to the passive condition of the reinforcement within the repaired area. Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba anodes corrode preferentially to the surrounding reinforcement offering protection against incipient corrosion damage. Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba can also be placed at specific positions on steel reinforcement stirrups when used in new construction to prevent corrosion in marine environments.

  • Sika® FerroGard®-710 Reba anodes corrode preferentially to the surrounding reinforcement, offering protection from further corrosion damage
  • Protects against incipient anode effect outside of repaired area
  • No long term maintenance costs 
  • Strengthens passive film on reinforcement
  • No rapid dissolution of activating components
  • Quick installation—no additional break out
  • Performance can be monitored
  • Cost effective corrosion control solution