Sika® Rugasol C

Concrete surface retarder for horizontal surfaces (Normal)

Sika® Rugasol C is a liquid retarder for horizontal construction joints and surfaces for use in cooler conditions or low retardation conditions. Sika® Rugasol C is an easy to use, economical product applied to obtain a mechanical key for “kicker” joints, renderings and screeds on horizontal surfaces of freshly placed concrete.

The retarding compound in Sika® Rugasol C combines with cement at the surface and delays the normal hydration on the surface of the concrete (high cement contents and temperatures will reduce the retardation). After retardation has finished, the concrete cures to its full strength. Sika® Rugasol C can provide decorative finishes to concrete and can be used in conjunction with many natural aggregates. It can provide an exposed aggregate finish leaving excellent anti-skid properties. Sika® Rugasol C leaves an excellent key for further concreting, screeding or rendering.