SikaPlast® 3-in-1

Multifunctional neutral set water reducer (WR-MWR-HWR)

SikaPlast® 3-in-1 is a true neutral set, water reducing admixture. SikaPlast® 3-in-1 has been specifically formulated to allow variable doses to be used. At low doses as a water reducer, at mid doses as a mid-range water reducer and at high does as a high-range water reducer

Use of SikaPlast® 3-in-1 effectively achieves the following benefits:
  • A single product fully capable of performing as a Water Reducer, Mid- range Water Reducer and High-range water reducer.
  • True neutral set characteristics, which makes it ideal for use as an all year round admixture and in combination with set retarders and accelerators.
  • As a single product to be used for multiple applications.