SikaPlast®-100 AN

Mid Range Water Reducer - MWR

SikaPlast®-100 AN is a True Neutral Set Mid Range Water Reducer specifically formulated to produce concrete with improved water reduction. SikaPlast®-100 AN combines the benefits of a water reducer and mid range water reducer with controlled ease on achieving and maintaining 140-200 mm slumps.

Use of SikaPlast®-100 ANeffectively achieves the following benefits:
  • A single product fully capable of performing as a Water Reducer at lower dosages and a Mid Range Water Reducer at higher dosages
  • True Neutral Set characteristics, which makes it ideal for use as an all year round admixture and in combination with set retarders and accelerators
  • Improved shrinkage and creep behaviour.
  • Improved plastic concrete properties.
  • Increases service life of structures.
  • Improve finishing
  • Optimal concrete performance