Sika® Stabilizer VMA

Viscosity Modifying Admixture

Sika® Stabilizer VMA is a ready to use liquid based viscosity modifying admixture. Sika® Stabilizer VMA improves stability and segregation resistance of concrete mixes resulting in improved surface quality and aesthetics. Sika® Stabilizer VMA is suitable for various types of concrete. Sika® Stabilizer VMA has been found to improve plastic properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) as well as high slump conventional concrete mixes and mixes containing manufactured sand and/or poorly graded aggregates. Sika® Stabilizer VMA helps stabilise the air void system in freshly mixed and placed concrete and increases the overall concrete stability. Sika® Stabilizer VMA is compatible with Sika ViscoCrete® high range water reducing admixtures and is recommended for precast and ready mix concrete applications.

Sika® Stabilizer VMA provides the following characteristics and advantages in the fresh concrete properties:
  • Strongly increased internal cohesion of the mix
  • Lower sensitivity against variations in the constituent materials and gap graded aggregates
  • Homogeneous mix
  • Less bleeding
  • Improves stability during transportation
  • Faster concrete consolidation
  • Reduced tendency to segregation
  • Sika® Stabilizer VMA assists the concrete placing in the following ways:
  • Reduction of compaction defects
  • Smoother concrete surfaces
  • Improved pumpability
  • Equipment is preserved and its service life is prolonged
Sika® Stabilizer VMA does not contain chlorides or any other ingredients which promote the corrosion of steel. It is therefore suitable for use in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.