Sika® Plastiment® BV-35

WR-Water reducer admixture

Sika® Plastiment® BV-35 is a special formulated water reducer admixture based on selected lignosulfonates, which provides a cost effective solution in enhancing the water reduction without retardation.

  • Improve workability and finishability
Higher slump can be achieved without further addition of water.
  • Easier and quicker placing and compaction.
  • Excellent Strength Performance
The water reduction properties as well as the dispersion characteristic enhance the strength gained at all ages.
  • Homogeneous concrete with less shrinkage requiring lower pumping pressure
  • Improve plastic concrete properties
Sika® Plastiment® BV-35 enables concrete to achieve internal cohesiveness with improved placement properties. By having better cohesion, segregation and bleeding can be minimised.
  • Retardation without loss in strength (dependant on dosage rate)