Shotcrete | Fibrecrete

Admixtures for Shotcrete and Fibrecrete


High performance liquid accelerators for shortcrete.

Macro Fibres

Polyolefin macro-synthetic fibres designed to enhance the distribution and performance of fibre reinforcement. Engineered graded macro-synthetic fibre manufactured to an optimum gradation and highly oriented to achieve interfacial bonding and flexural toughness efficiency.


Stabilisers are typically used to combat the effect of high ambient temperatures which reduce the duration that concrete remains plastic and workable.

Mix Enhacers

Mix Ehnacers for general use to enhance unfavourable concrete mixes, it improves workability even with poor aggregates, and sand gradings.

High Range Water Reducer Retarder

High Range water reducer retarders are designed to achieve high water reduction characteristics, and or higher concrete slump or flow, with additional slump life.

Protective Film

Protective release agents act as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds facilitating demoulding resulting in a smooth finish.